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    Hallo, I'm very new here and just yesterday and today I started to practice my figures and gestures.
    There is a bit too much so I'm putting my link to my blog where I have my drawings! Critiques are welcome and I hope to improve!
    Link to my blog:
    (There is more besides this post)

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    this is good for 1 minute gesture exercises and most of them seem pretty neat too considering you're a level 1 drawing warrior ;)

    However, you need to work on your hip joint and their proportion to the rest of the body


    Good morning, Eunlan, and welcome back to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios Animations and how are you?

    My is your Tumblr post of images dead and gone? Please repost them on your Imgur account.

    Let's hope you found this concrete and helpful.

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