Figure Drawing Critique Please

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    First time doing this. Feedback and advice please. All 10min.

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    The 2 drawings on the bottom are the better ones.

    You are too focused on the contours you should pay more attention to the overall shapes and the proportions.

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    Love and admire every single 10 min sketch of the figures, SapphireWolf9. If I was to give you advice, it's that I am seeing some of the stiff drawing in one of the poses, why don't you warm yourself up to 10 minutes of 30 second sketches, if you pretty please? And you know why?? Because, if you draw with your shoulder standing up, then you'll be able to draw more bigger on the paper, even if it's letter size paper. Hope it's been helpful. Peace, and stay really safe.


    pressure should decrease, relax a little buddy.


    I really like these. The first thing I would do is try drawing in the form first, they feel very outliny. Also, I would practice gesture more, they feel very stiff. Lastly, I would just be careful on the head sizes. Hopefully this helps!


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