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    Hello, I've used this site a couple times before but have never really posted. Mainly due to feeling overly self concious of whatever I make. Below is my most recent session, which was the 30 minute figure drawing class.

    One thing that I feel I struggle with is the shorter sketches, the 30 second and 1 minutes sketches to be precise. I tend to panic and they end up with messy proportions or are a bit hard to read.

    If you have any advice on better methods I should try using or anything of the sort, I'd be happy to hear them :) oh, and in case anyone asks, I've only been drawing for about half a year or so now so I'm very much beginner level

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    The drawings looked just fine. The 5" ones looked very good. The shorter ones look as you might expect, rushed. On the shorter ones, you need to get the movement of the figure. I would recommend on all your drawings you start out with a simple stick figure to get the immediate action. lf you have time, you can add to the figure. Simplify (more if it is a short pose), e.g., an oval for the head, triangles for hands & feet., etc. Remember on a short pose you can not sit around with your elbow in your ear. You got to get with it. Study anatomy (do drawings so you will learn). If posible find a local life drawing class. Be sure to date your works so you can go back & compare them.

    Practice makes better!; therefore, practice, practice and after a while you will, if you keep it up, good things will happen.


    I just completely and totally admire and adore your latest 30 minute session, Michael99, thanks. Still, I've got one tiny, little proposal: Why don't you go for yet another 10 minute figure attitude, pretty, pretty please, please?? The logic behind that it because, your forces will become the most lightest if you learn how to think about the edges, spaces, and relationships (proportions and angles), intuitively. Sweat it out and pray it out that it will and shall be helpful in your warm ups.

    Polyvios Animations


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