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    I’m new here. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid but never had a formal training. I just recently discovered gesture drawing from Stan Prokopenko and was looking for a good site with photos to practice on. And this site is really what I need. Thanks for creating this site.

    I love drawing people (sample: , but I’m not good in drawing bodies, so I decided to do what most good artists say. “Practice gesture drawing everyday”. But it’s a bit frustrating. I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I think I’m not drawing some references correctly, and sometimes I’m running out of time. I usually do 60 minutes because if I do 2 minutes, I ended up drawing contours.. Here are some of my gesture drawings.

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    Hi Maegel, welcome to the site! :)

    Your portraits are pretty stunning, wow! Love them very much. :)

    Gestures can be a tricky next step, but I don't see anything really wrong with yours. How long are you spending on each gesture? (I'm not sure if those 60 and 2 minutes refer to an entire session with multiple gestures.)

    The goal of these is to capture a few basic elements in as little strokes and little time as possible. Motion and proportions are usually the main focus for most people. It builds a pretty strong foundation to work and elaborate from. I've found that quick strokes for the action line capture motion best. S-shapes for the action line (spine) should be avoided because they hinder motion.

    In case you haven't read them yet, we have some articles that explain how to build gestures:

    Let me know if this was any help at all! Feel free to post updates about your gestures too when you draw new ones. :)

    (I deleted the other topic on your request by the way!)


    Ooops.. sorry. That should be 60 seconds. Some of my drawings aren't finished. I ran out of time, I need to be quicker.
    BTW, thank you for the articles. Those will be a great help. Will be keeping those in mind while I'm practicing gestures. Will post again for my succeeding gesture drawings. Thanks a lot! :D
    Thanks for the compliment too ;)

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