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    My name is Jason Winter. I am a New Zealand based artist who has been drawing all my life. Lately I have been lacking in inspiration, and I thought joining this website might help. Pleased to meet you all!

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    Beautiful examples! Pleased to meet you as well and have you on the site. :D


    Thanks Kim. Good to be here.:)


    Hi Jason! Your works look amazing, it's nice to meet you too!
    Hope you find the inspiration you need n.n


    Hey Ana! Thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to making full use of this site!


    Hi Jason, welcome to the site! :) Looking forward to following your progress here!


    Thanks Sanne.


    Hi, Jason! I've just joined the site today -- although I've used it for a while. It's good to meet you and see your artwork. Very impressive. I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration here.


    A belated hello and welcome! Looking forward to seeing your artwork up here.

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