Hello, im here to find my own drawing sty;e

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    Hello, my name is Ayesha and I hope to one day upload my own webcomic but to do that I have to find my own drawing style first T^T

    So I'm starting from the basics and I hope to be able to put my art up and receive critiques on it one day (when I get good enough)

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    Hello Ayesha,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of visual creation. I am excited to hear about your plans to put your imagination to work and create a webcomic for others (including myself) to enjoy. I want to inspire you to help you achieve that goal and more in your future.

    When it comes to art and style, the sky is the limit. As you are creating, let your imagination soar. Art is a form of individual and unlimited expression and possibilities. So as you practice, let it flow frequently and freely. Buy yourself a sketchbook and lose yourself in your imagination then come here and develop your knowledqe of gesture, structure, and anatomy by practicing daily in short sessions (preferably 30 minutes) to give you an idea of those things.

    Stay consistent and let us see your progress. We're waiting anxiously!


    i totally agree with you, leo!

    i also think that you should study the works of artists from many different genres. it'll give you a sense of what you enjoy seeing. try incorporating the bits and pieces that stand out to you, and see if you enjoy drawing them! there are several ways to build an art style, and they can be as step-by-step or go-with-the-flow as you want! i'd personally like to know what kind of impact you want your story and illustrations to have on the readers, and i'm very excited to see your future progress! i, too, aspire to make my own comics, and i hope we can learn from each other! see you around, ayesha!



    Hello Ayesha,

    I'm Tia.. Nice to meet you

    I'm new here and looking for my art style too

    I didn't expect them to have a whole forum here 😅

    But hey! Here we are 😆

    I was hoping if we could be friends

    I wanted to make more art buddies here

    I'm not sure how to use this website soo-

    Yeah.. xD

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