Howdy Everyone, Working on making 500 drawings a day.

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    Hey, hey, hey! I'm Polyvios Animations. I'm doing fine, how do you all do? Say, I'm working on making 500 scribbles a day for my series of animation tests. On account of what Felix the Cat Animator, Bill Nolan did in the Silent Era of Animation, back in the early-late 1920s. So what do you all think of that? Any animation and cartoon fans out there?

    Actually, I'm working on my book trailer for my picture book.

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    Hi, I like animation and games. I think it's amazing that you draw 500 a day, you'll get better soon! I would like to practice a little more like you, so I need to manage my energy and health well.
    I will draw for about 6 hours a day, but I can't hold up doing that all the time, I need a lot of rest.


    I assume you are already doing this but if you are not then. Make sure to critique or asess maybe every page you finish and see what you need to improve on. It will make the 500 drawings worth a million times more. Good luck :)


    Thank you very much, Kiro Cosmos, but I'm going for not only the gestures and lines of action, but also for the line quality to go for the quick sketches for the animation sketches, like Bill Nolan had in the silent era of American animation. Good night.


    Wow! I assume you're already doing this if you're an animator, but just in case, please make sure you stretch and wear a hand brace! Carpol tunnel syndrome is a bitch and it's hard to fix once it starts


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