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    Hello everyone this is my first time posting soooo hi! Anyways I need help. I have been looking at references my whole life and I still cant't draw without looking at one. I mean i can draw i just have trouble thinking of things i want to draw. Any tips to start thinking creatively?

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    I have the same problem! What has been helping me recently is practicing gesture drawing. It helps create muscle memory. So that your hand and brain just seem to remember how or where to place the lines you need. Hope this helps.

    Any other tips would be nice also!


    Hi Xpoptart X, the advice I've heard the most from other artist is to master the fundamentals by learning to deconstruct anything you see into their basic forms and reconstruct them again. If you can learn to do that, you should be able to draw anything from your imagination.

    But honestly, its good to use reference for what you want to draw. As artist we're attempting to imitiate reality in our art, so having something we can reference helps us achieve that. Plus all that the great artist I follow use reference when creating their art.

    I hope this helps you!


    Practice really does make perfect, try, when you are drawing from a reference maybe try drawing it again without the use of the reference.


    If it's a priority, that just means it's something else you need to practice on top of drawing with a reference. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, maybe try drawing things or characters you like. Like any other skill in art, it's one that you have to let grow, and one you will not be immediately good. at. Ease yourself into it! Good luck!

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