I’m injured

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    I can type, but my old RSI problem of nerve compression in the mid palm to thumb web area is back. And I tried to edit my goal so it’s 6 weeks of not cheating and... you can’t set a practice goal to zero.

    I want to draw! I really want to draw! But I can’t, it’s not safe. Not being able to feel your fingers is BAD. (Yes, I’m gonna see a doctor but odds are the prescription is rest)

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    I'm so sorry to hear this!!

    I just pushed a patch that I hope will make setting the goal to 0 possible. Hopefully I haven't blown anything else up in the process. ;)


    Yeah, it‘s not fun. Thanks for the fix, I‘m set up with a suitable goal now.


    You could also try drawing with you non-dominant hand. It will help loosen up your drawings and possibly give you some insights you might not discover if you draw only with the hand that has the best fine-motor control. Total control is not always a good thing.

    This works best if you work large--at least 18 x 24.

    A. M. Schaer


    Ha ha ha no, I‘m a lefty. Both hands are almost equal in how they‘re affected. Gripping with either hand hurts like hell if I‘m not having numb fingers, and if I am... Until I see a specialist, no way no how, not feeling major body parts is a sign of something seriously wrong.

    I *want* to draw, but I don‘t always want good or healthy things.

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