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    I'm currently working on process after gesture.

    My drawings below based on my understanding of the book of Michael Hampton, which illustrating how to advance from simple gestures.

    I'm showing the original gestures and the ones with addition of some detailed structures and rough anatomy, all of which are from my imagination and no reference.

    Love some critique. thank you.


    After I uploaded, I realized the lower one is out of proportion in the left leg.

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    The drawings are very nice. You can start out with a stick figure to get the proportions correct and the action of the figure also correct. Today it seems I am recommending the study of anatomy - both muscles & bone structure. The internet has much information on these items. Be sure you make drawings so that in the end you know what is where. Draw figures from Line of Action and On-Air Video in various poses. I think you are ready to move on.

    Remember: Practice makes better. So practice, practice, practice some more. After a while, you will see improvement.

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    The poses read very well and your sense of volume is pretty good. I can see that some proportions are slightly off. Drawing from imagination is great, but it can enforce some bad habits if you do just that. If you are not already doing it, balance with more observational drawings, compare them to your imaginative drawings and focus on what you feel you are lacking.

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    This is a great exercise! I can practically see you learning as I look at this example. :)

    I do feel as if I can tell which ones you do from imagination and which ones from reference, as the proportions are not quite there yet. But you're doing exactly the right thing to improve in that regard. Just keep on practicing!

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    Nice work on your gestural poses, yamikumi. Great job on your overall capture of gestures. I absolutely admire your spaces, busy and empty. And I love most of your angles, mostly

    The critique, if I was to point out one you've specifically made your yourself, but, I really want to explain that your lower leg seems way more jarring to the casual webbrowser. Why don't you loosen up your overall leg proportions in the lower edge of the drawing,in terms of action, please? And you know why?? You'll accurately record the overall gestures of the leg proportions. Not to mention the fact that you can record from photos and life, because, nothing against imagination and refs, cause if you only rely on those, then you'll use those as crutches.

    For more information, look up Michael Hampton's book, Glenn Vilppu's book, and more of Mike Matessi's books, too.

    Hope that it has been way conducive to creativity.


    Thank you guys for helpful critique, sincerely.

    I got that the proportion issues are my biggest problem right now, and I'm gonna fix it with more accurate observation.

    Doing overlay test with my drawings, I reallized my tendency to make their heads smaller than expected, and off-proportion of the legs.

    So at first I'll kill the habit.

    Thank you again.

    More critiques are, of course, to be welcomed.


    I uploaded some photo-based drawings, where I become more careful about their proportion.

    I'm showing original gestures(thin blue) and added construction(thick blue).

    If there are still errors, I want them to be pointed out. Thank you.

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