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    hi line of action,

    i recently decided to make my self a draw minum 30min per day dailies challenge, and have been using your tool for some longer drawing session and for reference photos. but today i decided to try the one hour class mode. even tho i been trying to a avoid it a little, since i know i have a hard time letting go of a image, if i feel it wrong and have a tendency to start detailing to early on.

    and since one of the goal with this daily challenge is to get faster at drawing and capture the essence of the images earlier on, the class mode sounded like a good exercise for me.

    so i just wanted to share my 1st class mode exercise. (and yes i found the 30sec's very hard to do, and let it go, without trying to "fix" it xD)

    my first class mode

    i have never had any "real" training in drawing, only watching tut's online and trying to follow them. I normally tries to start by making a line of action for my figures, and i usely tries to make it/them as long/whole as possible, but it can feel kind of forced. and sometimes i end up "breaking" them, so i kinda wondering if wheres a "right or wrong" especially for the shorter sketches when trying to draw a line of action.

    super website btw ^^

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