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    I am working my way through Nicoliades' "The Natural Way to Draw." In section 14 he begins to ask the student to draw a model nude, and clothed, in the same pose. I can't find any online references aimed at this. Do you know of any?

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    I don't, but it's a great idea. I'm jotting it down for future photo shoots :)


    I have a significant amount of interest for this concept.


    Does it have to be two drawings?


    The simplest way to tackle that task is to draw nude first. Then, add clothing as a new layer on a nude painting. That’s the way I was taught how to draw people. First, you draw lines that represent human posture. Make them anatomically correct. Add muscles and skin next. Use the same logic when drawing nude/dressed models. You can use tool to copy nude models onto an empty background, print multiple copies, and practice drawing clothing.

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