Perspective/Anatomy pls help !

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    Hello, I'm not happy with this initial outline and would love feedback before I move on with him as a subject

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    Nice Shinji! Did you construct this fure from imagination or did you look at a reference or trace? No shame in any choice, they all are valid ways to learn, it just affects the type of advice or critique I can give you.

    Im going to take a guess that its a trace, feel free to correct me. In that case, the easiest thing I can suggest is to vary the line weight. Thicker lines appear closer to the viewer than thinner lines. If you decide to add details, make sure the lines on the head are more clear than parts closer to the floor.

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    Hey there, JMIH, nice job on your Shinji study, but is that really your tracing of him? Yet, if it really is, then I think it's a pretty valid way to practice sketching to me, but there are lots of others to work with, furthermore, the lines all seem too flatter and farther too stilted to me, so how would you like to free up, and therefore liven up your line weights with 5 minutes of 29 second quick sketches, be it stylized or naturalistic?

    The reason is because if you liven up your line weights, then your communication of storytelling thru proportions, anatomy, gestures, line weights and the like will become really bold and powerful. For even more info, please pick up a copy of Action! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell and the Bridgman Life Drawing book.

    Practice Doesn't Make Perfect; Practice Makes Progress, and Progress Makes Perfect.

    Daniel Coyle.

    Have a nicer day.


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