Requesting critique on my 2 minute gesture/portrait drawings

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    Hi, nev! I went through your gesture and profile drawings and I think it's really good at you're practicing details and using curves lines fo action. I woud suggest you look at body and head proportions and also pracitive using shapes when youre drawing. For example, you can use a triangle-like shape for the ribs but also use a different, and smaller/shorter triangle for the hips. I think it would help you picture how everything goes together an just generally make your drawings more realistic, even if you're aiming to have a cartoony style. Great job! and I'm really glad to see you've put in a lot of effort in your practice. (also, for your portraits it would help if you extended the eyebrows more, and focused on the overall shape and place where everything goes. the nose is tricky so it's really cool how you got it to look realisticaly, but I think it would look better if it were slightly smaller. I hope to see your progress!)

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    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. It really does help.


    Most nicest job on your quick drawings, nev, I love the movement you’ve poured into them. Yet, I’ve got one really, very, much small request: why don’t you sketch out the silhouettes for one portrait, and one more gesture sketch,all in 30 seconds, pretty please? The reason why you would do these, is because you’ll a much, much more better idea at perceiving the figures and faces on the screens. I pray that’s a really, very, very bigger help to you.

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    Of course. Thank you so much!


    Hi Nev,

    Good work on both series. For your 30 sec/1min figure gestures, try abstracting the figures even more. Instead of the line representing the contours as you have it, use your lines to express the movement of the body. Ignore the anatomy and have the lines just flow in the direction of the diffent forms the body makes The lines should reflect the directon of the head, direction of the spine and direction of the limbs.

    For your head studies, I'm not sure what your goal is, but for a realistic representation, it helps to understand the skull and where it fits inside the head. With that said, your heads show great expressions and an okay amount of understanding head and face proportions. I hope this was helpful.

    Happy Drawing,



    This is great, thank you Ron!

    For the portrait, my goal was just to learn more about head proportions.


    With pleasure Nev!

    You should google the reilley method. This is a good system for generically correct proportions. It's a great system for the whole body, not only the head. Have Fun :D


    I think you captured the gestures and expressions very well! Lines are clear.

    I feel like adding more details (such as shadow) on the 2-minute drawings may be better :)


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