by Munkedragon, January 10th 2021 © 2021 Munkedragon

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses


Hi! Not an expert here, but I would use 30 sec. poses to work on gesture, and less on accuracy and skeletons. The 30 seconds doesn't give the time one needs for corrections and specifics- it's more designed to get a feel for the flow of a figure and for strong action lines and shapes. Here's a vid I found about it- I didn't watch it in full, but the figures he draws in it are perfect examples so he prob knows what he's talking abt:


I would save working on understanding human anatomy for slightly longer timed studies, maybe 3 or 5 minutes or so, to give you the time per pose needed for fixings and skeletons and understanding the body.

Your use of line of action is good, def keep it up with that! And don't be afraid to push the line more! The figure middle row on the right of the model sitting on her side has good flow to it : ) the angling of the head helps a lot with the pose.

Keep up the good work!

Polyvios Animations

Hello, Munkedragon,

As far as the quick sketches are concerned, I really, really think your overall proportions are consistently on the right track.

So, if I was to give you a kindly suggestion, then it would be to, please do yet another practice of 77 minutes of 30 second poses, followed by a learn to draw interactive drawing tutorial???

Why????? Because, it'll help you out on visualizing the poses of the human anatomy, much better, in terms of the overall motion.

But I hope you can, shall, and in the future, will have found it okay, positive, informative, encouraging, and much, much helpful. Cheers.