50 min sketch. No shading this time

by Rashuneagle, January 25th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

50 min sketch from 2 hour session.

I thought did very well on proportions, and the general outline

Dat1 Artist

I see that there is stiffness part in your drawing..so what j would really add is just movement just keep the flowing going..bit overall your artwork is rlly good...keep up the good work

: )

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I'm seeing that the feet are cut off, and this is common because so often we want to start at the head and work down and suddenly we find we've run out of page! But I can see how the lower legs are shortened because you were trying to keep it on the page. I'd recommend trying to establish the full height of the figure very early on, within the first minute or two of drawing, so you know roughly where everything will go from toe to tip before you start committing to details. (having lots of short poses in your routine will make this easier over time)

I like that you're using lines across the body, like on the hips and the left leg, to sort of trace around the 3D form, that's a really good way to get a feel for solid forms and I definitely recommend continuing to do that in other drawings and on other parts of the body as you study!

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Hey Rashuneagle, your drawing is amazing! The form and foreshortening in leg is good and you also added contour lines.Excellent. But if you compare your hands and legs you'll see differences in forms, proportions and mass. You can give more time behind looking at naked hands to understand it's form and anatomy. Another point is that as you can see your drawing was cut because the page ended. So here is the solution:at first do a real quick and light gesture drawing of full figure so that you have an idea where the figure will be in the page. Hope it'll help your learning. Have a good day. Thanks.

Mel Maril


You really improved a lot on the proportions!

Also you captured the subtleties of the human body very well, for example the way the silhouette hips curve slightly inwards and the shape of the calves.

Great job!


Thanks proportions have been my main focus. I'm starting to move a little faster with getting the correct proportions.

Sydney Grace

This is really good, I suggest making sure the whole figure will fit on the page so you can see the figure as a whole. Ohter than that this is great!


I know the point of your drawing is not to help me. But your guidelines are helping me see your process and therefore I will get better. Thank you so much. I like the organic lines I am finding that simple shapes make for a better base in my journey. Great job. She has great proportions. I look forward to your more detailed work.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Rashuneagle, once again, how are you doing tonight? Greatest job on your contours and perceptions of relationships. Keep up the greatest and smartest work.

In the meantime, my smallest piece of constructive criticism is that some of the edges and relationships don't seem to have enough of the strongest caricatures and exaggerations. Please free up your hands with 31 minutes of 30 second rough sketches of poses. The reason why is because, fi you're looking to draw something that emulates your favorite heros, like, for example, Peter De Seve, then your rough poses will be able to be the least stiffest, and the most fluidest and liveliest, proportions and angles-wise.

But that's not all! If you're totally and absolutely looking for more of the longest and most detailed challenges, then I encourage you to work longest, hardest and smartest with your very-first-ever 6 hour class, if you think you can keep up. Good night to you.