25 min drawing. Slightly exaggerated

by Rashuneagle, July 6th 2022 © 2022 Rashuneagle

25 minute drawing from 2 hour session.


Hi , Good rythm in your drawing !

In my eyes, torso and arm are a bit too long & feet too smalls . About hands you should try apart " hands session " on l.o.a. , to become more used to drawn them in differents positions then incorporate them to the full body will be easier .

Be careful with my critique , i'm very new to life drawing so you should wait for other l.o.a. students opinions =)

No worries you're on the right path !

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Good work on the dynamism in this pose! Everything is well posed and placed :)

As a first tip I would reccomend to work on your line confidence, see this back and forth scratching with the pencil isn't the best way to get confident and place expressive lines, so I would reccomend picking a darker pencil, and feel that weight of every line and direction going on.

Secondly I would reccomend not sticking to the puppet method as much, it's a good way to get started and place the body, but once this is done you can hunt for new lines and new information that is given to you in the picture. Tha idea is to not only place down the model of a body that you already know, but to extend that library in your head of all the human anatomy. This way your drawings will start to gain a lot of believability.

Overall you did a good job with this drawing, keep going!

Nex Is Lazy

Great work on this 25 minute piece! A few little things that you should be keeping in mind for next time, however, would be to try to curve the neck down so that the head is being weighed down (remember: gravity affects everything). Also, if you don't know what to do for hands, instead of drawing each finger seperately, try blocking them into chunks. It'll save you a lot of time (and you could always just go back and focus on it if you have any extra time. All in all, great work!

I wish you a pleasant ride on you artistic journey :)


good but with the 25 minutes you could've added more details such as drawing in the hands and feet also simple facial features