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    I'm trying to recently get into digital painting and (as expected) I got overwhelmed by the huge lot I've got to learn and improve at 😭

    So, I'mma practice day-on-and-day-off for the upcoming months and I'd rlly appreciate it if u guys could help me make the best out of my practice sessions.

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    Good morning, Asseroy, and welcome back, and how are you doing this morning? Thanks for the question, but nice job for asking, therefore, you don't really need to worry about the digi tools yet, but how would you like to practice gesture drawing on any drawing computer tablet on any digital drawing program? That way, anything you can do with pen and paper, you could do with a digital tablet and laptop. Is that simple?

    Yet, once you get better at drawing digitally, you may and might, and some point, continue doing things most traditionally, for any and every artist's journey is unique.

    Let's hope it's been the nicest, the most helpful, and furthermore, the most encouraging.


    Practicing gesture drawing on a digital drawing tablet is a fantastic idea. The beauty of digital art is that it offers a versatile platform where you can experiment freely without worrying about running out of paper or making irreversible mistakes.

    Gesture drawing is all about capturing the essence and movement of the subject, and digital tools can enhance this process with features like undo, layers, and a variety of brushes that mimic traditional media. As you get comfortable with digital drawing, you might find that it opens up new creative possibilities and techniques that you hadn't explored before.

    While digital tools provide many advantages, traditional drawing still holds a unique charm and can be incredibly rewarding. Every artist's journey is indeed unique, and blending digital and traditional methods can enrich your skills and artistic expression.Additionally, you might want to consider purchasing a diamond painting kits. Diamond painting is a relaxing and meditative art form that can offer a nice break from drawing while still allowing you to create beautiful works of art.

    Keep practicing, stay curious, and enjoy the process of creating art in all its forms!

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