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    Hi all! Firstly, I’d like to thank Kim for getting this site going.

    It’s a wonderful too helping artists from all over from every level of skill to improve.

    So, quick q, how often would I upload my drawings?

    I draw five days a week. Would uploading them all be a bit… spammy?

    Thanks! :D



    Welcome Loaniss! As far as I know you can upload as much and as frequent as you want. Personally I can give better feedback to an artist when I see a lot of his drawings instead of a few. I look forward to see the results of your sessions.


    Jason Winter

    Welcome Loaniss. Looking forward to seeing your work.



    Hi Loaniss, welcome to the forums!

    Swen is correct, there’s no limit on how frequently you can post. :) As long as your posts have substance and are on-topic (so not spam) you can post multiple times a day on your topic and be fine.

    Looking forward to seeing your work!



    Sooo… I got scared, and ran away with the excuse of doing other things.

    But I am back, and I have doodles.

    Doodles that graciously need your critiques.

    Thank you very much for your time and words in advance.

    (I apologise for the scan quality)

    Quick info:
    The figure line drawings are 90secs drawings. I get references from

    The faces, animals, hands, feet and slightly more “detailed” drawings are from here. 5mins each.

    View post on

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    These are looking pretty good, especially the hands and feet. On the figures, I noticed they have a tendency to go off the page. I would recommend you start controlling the size of your figure by using simple shapes and lines, gesture drawing. See example:



    Thank you for critique.

    You’re not wrong there; they do and I find it frustrating. I’ll try these and post the results. :)

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