Fellow students

Fellow students: HornetOfJustice's practice journey

After seeing her inspiring practice-makes-progress regimen and her thoughtful, thorough critiques for other community members, it was clear to me that HornetOfJustice was a natural fit for rebeginning the fellow student series! I think you'll see why HornetOfJustice embodies #practicegoals - despite no formal education in art aside from "indifferent public school teachers" who may have done more harm than good, she has found a growth mindset that's allowed her to train herself, largely through online resources like Line of Action. Continue reading

Fellow students: ArtByCe's Line of Action tutorial

We got featured on ArtByCe's Youtube channel! I love this video not just because Ce says some very complimentary things about the site ;), but because she shows her whole sketching process. This is different than the technique I personally use and recommend for 30 second drawings, but is just as valid. I hope watching her work gives you ideas for your own practice sessions. You'll note that she very... Continue reading

Fellow students: Juan Grande, 24, aspiring comic artist

Juan Grande is a 24 year old artist. Born in Mexico, his family moved to Houston Texas when he was two years old, and there he lives to this day. He's now in his senior year at Houston Community College, working on earning his Associate degree in Applied Arts in Digital Gaming and Simulation. "I love everything and anything that has to do with art. I am an ARTIST!!" - Juan Grande Juan's mother... Continue reading