Photographers: help us train fine artists around the world

and earn some spending money while you're at it

Are you a photographer? Do you want to contribute to Line of Action's photo collection? It's now easy to do! Make sure you're logged into your account, and visit the photo bundles submission center.

Did someone send you this link and you're not sure what Line of Action is? Meet us at the end of the page for an intro.

What do you get?

It's up to you whether you want to offer your photos to the community free of charge, or whether you'd like to participate in our profit sharing program and charge a small fee for your photo bundles.

If you choose profit sharing, we'll split any profit on direct sales of your photo bundles with you 50/50.

Both free and for-profit photo bundles will always show your photographer's credit when they appear in our study tools, as well as a link to your website if you wish.

What are we looking for?

Full body poses from a diverse range of humans that would be useful in teaching fine artists anatomy, composition, or value studies.

We're looking for diverse skin colors, body types, and ages. Both nude and non-nude images are accepted. Creative, energetic poses are encouraged.

In addition to our full-body figure study tool, we're also accepting photo submissions for our animal study tool, an expressions tool (close-ups of heads, typically from the shoulders up) and a hands and feet study tool.

We're NOT looking for glamour shots or sexy poses. We're also full up on young, fit, white women.

Photo submissions FAQ

How will I receive my payments?

Currently, all payouts are sent via Paypal. As soon as you submit your first for-profit bundle, you'll be sent a link to configure which Paypal email address we should send your funds to.

Can I submit photos that I found online?

No, absolutely not. You MUST be the photographer or model and have permission from all involved parties to upload photos to a photo bundle. DO NOT upload images you found via Google image search, Deviantart, or any other such service, EVEN if you are submitting a free-of-charge photo bundle.

We check every single photo bundle that's submitted to us to make sure it's not composed of images gleaned from around the web.

I know you require signed model releases, but what if I don't have one of those?

If you do not have your own model release forms which allow you to assign use rights to another entity, you may use our templates.. If you've already done your photoshoot, you'll have to track your models down and get them to sign.

Exactly how much will I make?

There's no way to know in advance! It depends very much on how well your photo bundle(s) sell.

Pricing is based on the number of photos in a bundle. More images = higher price, but higher price may also mean fewer impulse buys!

Please check out our profit sharing policies, as we've tried to be ultra-transparent about our pricing and payment terms and the reasons behind them.

For full details and the fine print, read our photo bundle and profit sharing policies.

Photographers, ready for your photos to make a difference? Please help us increase the diversity of our study tools.

What is Line of Action?

If someone sent you our link and you've never been here before, here's a quick overview to catch you up: Line of Action provides interactive artist training tools, that mimic the format of drawing classes you'd experience in a college art class with a live figure model. Almost all of our features can be accessed for free.

As a result, we have received letters from major universities telling us that these tools are now incorporated into their official curriculum, and we have received letters from individuals saying that they live in countries where attending an art class with a live, nude model could mean being charged with a major crime, and that this site has granted them their first opportunity to experience a figure study class.

Line of Action has been changing the lives of artists worldwide for almost a decade now, growing into a global community with more than 30,000 visitors every week from 158 countries around the world.

It's an awe-inspiring and wonderful feeling to know that Line of Action has changed so many lives around the world. We hope you'll be part of it.

Still confused? Try our 15-minute tutorial class to see us in action.