Upload guidelines

Our image upload feature is provided to enhance your study experience. We are not an image storage service for general usage. All images uploaded by users should be artwork specifically drawn/painted/created by the account holder. Any time you upload an image, you represent to us that you hold the copyright for that image and so have permission to use and display it.

Memes, screenshots, personal or family photos, etc. are not appropriate here and may be taken down by Line of Action staff without warning.

Handling of nudity and mature content

Images of nudity are allowed, so long as they are non-sexual and contain only adults.

We ask that you properly tag your images as containing nudity by checking the "contains nudity" box on the upload screen to be respectful of other members, who many be accessing the site from school (remember, high schoolers use the site too!) or in another location where even artistic nudity could cause issues.

Images that contain extreme content may be removed from the site by moderators.

Do not hotlink

Do not display the images you upload on our site on any other site, such as through the use of an [img] tag or href attribute.

You will find that this is largely ineffective anyway, as our image links are only valid for about 30 minutes. We provide a special shortcode for each image you upload that will allow you to display the image on our forums or in comments on the Line of Action site, that will handle refreshing the image link as often as is necessary.

You are responsible for keeping your own backups

There are circumstances under which your images might be removed from our site; for example, if a moderator determines that one of your images needs to be deleted, your account is closed for misbehavior, or some technical error occurs. We are not responsible for reuniting you with any images that were deleted in these circumstances. Make sure you keep your own copies, too.

Last updated August 3rd 2022

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