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    Hello line-of-action citizens! My name is Chris, and I enjoy drawing. Frequented pixelovely, decided to register for the new site. I try to draw everyday, but with a newborn it can be kind of tough.

    I wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the environment. This web page is excellent. Thank you.



    Heya Chris, welcome to LoA! :D It’s good to have you here. Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope your little one will give you enough time to practice your skills. ;)



    I’m so glad that you are (and have been) enjoying the site! :) That really makes me feel good about the work that goes into this project. :)


    Jason Winter

    My name is Jason Winter. I am a New Zealand based artist who has been drawing all my life. Lately I have been lacking in inspiration, and I thought joining this website might help. Pleased to meet you all!

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    Hello everybody, my Name is Romain, i am From France, (so excuse me if my english is a bit off).
    I’ve just finished my studies in Archeology and somehow, i’ve discovered or understood that i wanted to draw… Anyway, i start from practically zero. And i’ve dicovered this site via an another. It seems a good way to practice so, here i’am! See you soon.



    Welcome to all of you! So glad to have you with us! :)



    Howdy everyone My name Michael aka Alabamafan, Roll Tide,. I have tried drawing over the years and am pretty good at drawing Disney charters . My new years resolution is to become a better drawer. So I am here to learn.



    Hi, i hate drawing :( its so difficult.



    Greetings All,
    My name is Larry, and i’ve come here to begin my journey in drawing. I’ve been a self taught artist all of my life, and now have to learn the form, so that i can properly achieve my end goals. Mice to meet all of you.



    Good day to all of you! My name is Tavon. This year is the time in which I plan to dedicate true time to improving my skills to adequately pursue my passion!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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