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    I've noticed that when I try to view the models on my ipad, sometimes the tops or bottoms get cut off. I haven't found a way to resize the photos so that they will fit the screen again. Any advice?


    Have same problem with ipad, android phone ok. Any solutions?



    I didn't get any answers, unfortunately.


    I also reported this awhile age, but got no reply. This website seems to be abandoned. The shame of it is: it used to work great. Then there was some kind of grand redesign of the site, which seems to have broken the site's primary purpose of figure drawing.


    What a shame!


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    A patch just went live that intends to fix the ios resizing bug; this solved it on my own ipad. Please confirm that it works for yours too! :)


    Yay, it works!


    Hello all,

    I am new here.

    Aha, that patch may explain why images are suddenly not portrayed well on my tablet, they have been shrunk down to the point I can barely see them.

    Before that I could see the photos clearly.


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    TDG, can you please tell me what kind of tablet you have and which browser you use on it?


    Hello Kim,

    Sorry for the late response, I had forgotten about this topic.
    I am not completely familiar with my tablet as I got it from someone else, but it is a rather old one and I am not even sure if it is supported any more.

    From what I have been able to find on the configuration screen I think it is the browser that comes with android (so probably an old one). Version 1.1.01-20120927-4.1

    I hope that you know what that means.


    Seems to work! :-)


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    @TDG - unfortunately, I'm not able to find any clues what browser or device you're using from Googling that version number. Is there any chance of you upgrading to a more recent browser?

    @gizmalley - brilliant to hear!

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