Figures 01

by Mely6990, May 31st 2023 © 2023 Mely6990

I'm trying to create a more consistent schedule for myself when I'm practicing this more offten and I'm almost done with school so, I know one can't get better without community so crits welcomed! 

Polyvios Animations

Greatest works on your figures and hands and feet, as usual. Will you please keep up the greatest works, but I've got one smallest and insignificant favor? I love the heads, but they all look or seem far too rigid and blandest to me. How would you kindly love to loosen up and liven up your facial expression sketches with 5 minutes of 30 second faces? (10 gesture drawings)

The explanation is because, by freeing up your lines of rhythm in your expressive expressions, then you can and will be able to communicate what the character is thinking and why that character is thinking that way. For more info, look into the 2 Walt Stanchfield books in PDFs, Drawn to Life Vol.1 and Vol.2. for most information on how to draw and cartoon expressions.

My hat's off to you, so please go take these with the most puniest grain of salt.