by Mely6990, June 12th 2023 © 2023 Mely6990

30 minutes session of 2 minute poses. Uploading things can be kinda annoying sometimes.

Polyvios Animations

Just greater job on your grace and power to your figures' forces and gestures I see here, very just greater work, please keep on pushing yourself extremely hard but smarter. However, the expression and exaggeration all do need a bit farther more pushing and pulling yet. Would you like to go for 32 more minutes of 30 second just scribblier poses? (64 scribblier scribbles) And while you're at it, kindly practice for 2 minutes today of sketching underhandedly.

The 2 Reasons?:

1) To warm up for your cartooning and caricature gifts for your figure drawing and character designs and inspirational sketches.

2) Don't get me wrong about practicing sketching out underhandly, it means you can get out of the boundaries of your comfortable handwriting pose, therefore it can, shall, and will help yourself to loosen up your graphic shapes or lines.

For just even more details, look into the Ben Caldwell book, Action! Cartooning, some tutorials on the art of gesture sketching and quick sketching, and much more. Good luck to you and your very great progress and learning curves.