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    Hi everyone.

    I'm new here. I'm 26 this year. I've been drawing casually my whole life, and all of a sudden, looking back at my work produced this year; realised that I hate my work and want to start from scratch and relearn the fundamentals. I discovered this site while going down the YouTube rabbit hole and I decided to make this my main practice site.

    I studied graphic design before and didn't enjoy it as much as drawing so after a few years as a graphic designer, I quit and made the leap to be a freelance illustration artist. I did manage to get some caricature and portrait work but what I truly wanted to do was character design and illustration. Right now I think the best step for me is to build a new portfolio from scratch.

    I'm looking to find like-minded peers, so we can be art friends and grow together in a buddy system.

    Local classes and going back to Uni is not an option for me right now, so I'll have to progress from here as a self-taught artist.


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    I too sympathize being a character designer and illustrator. I want to get into comic books and games. You know any digital programs? because if not, I know some good tutorials that you can learn on your own. I'm not sure what I can offer to the table in this buddy art system, but I will try my best.

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