16 minute exercise

by Kim, April 6th 2020 © 2020 Kim

No-erase exercise. Model in a "live" zoom session, we saw the whole pose for about 5 minutes, then they zoomed in on various parts of the model for 2 minutes at a time to show details.


I really like how this looks! It has a nice sense of flow while maintaining a sense of structure. Perhaps this was a product of the way the session was structured, but I'm surprised, given the level of detail everywhere else, at the vagueness of the hand. I think even adding one extra line to separe the side and top planes would have made it feel much more structured.

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I think you captured the overall proportions and gesture of the pose nicely. The hip area doesn't look quite aligned right, but that may have been a result of seeing different sections of the model zoomed in at different times. It's interesting to hear how life drawing classes with live models are continuing using Zoom! Nice job, keep it up.

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