20 minute exercise

by Kim, April 6th 2020 © 2020 Kim

No-erase exercise. Model in a "live" zoom session, we saw the whole pose for about 10 minutes, then they zoomed in on various parts of the model for 2 minutes at a time to show details.

I can see I got the proportion totally wrong especially in feet and head, and needed to spend more time measuring before we moved to details. But what else should I work on? :)

Moth That Draws

I think that the one critic I can give is that the some of the muscles are missing,like the shoulders.

one way I find useful to improve drawing muscles is to look at bodybuilders and practice using them as a reference so I can remember the place of each muscle.

Hope it helps :)


I'm very content with your drawing. I think she is Betsy is art model. I can only imagine your photography skills.