We're starting to translate Line of Action into multiple languages

Hello friends! Exciting news -- we're beginning the difficult process of translating the most functional portions of Line of Action into additional languages, to make our art resources accessible to even more people around the world. This is a challenging process technically and linguistically, but after an intense couple of weeks, we seem to be off to a great start. Much of the needed code is now in place, and a library of the most urgently needed terms, phrases and paragraphs has been compiled.

On the languages front, our first pass is being accomplished with machine translation for Chinese (simplified or traditional), Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Dutch. As our moderator Sanne is a native Dutch speaker, she is working to correct the numerous grammatical and contextual errors of the machine translation, and the dutch translation of the site is already in better shape than the others. I'm certain it will continue to improve in the coming days and weeks as she makes her way through the proofreading process.

We're still in need of help with the other languages. If you are a skilled speaker of Chinese (simplified or traditional), Korean, Japanese, French or Spanish and interested in helping us to improve our translations, your help is very much welcome! You can join our translation project here: https://poeditor.com/join/project/q6EUGx3wTF

If you join the translation project, I recommend you filter for automatic translations so you can review and correct what the machines did, like so:

I'm so thrilled that we're finally tackling this project. I've wanted to do this for so many years. Thank you to everyone who can pitch in even a few words. 


Kim - Site admin

For people interested in this project, I've started a forum topic here to talk about translation challenges: https://line-of-action.com/forums/topic/working-on-translating-the-site


Great news ! thanks for everything


I've been involved in the translation of a website before and I know it is a huge job! Nicely done!

Kim - Site admin

Thanks! It is indeed a no-joke process, even translating limited portions of the site.


This is very helpful, thanks


It's cool that you improve your site for users from different countries. Therefore, I ask you to add the Ukrainian language. Thank you for responding to my request.
And sorry for my poor knowledge of the English language

Kim - Site admin

I will add it to the list of requested languages! :)


Thank you:)

Polyvios Animations

Dear Kim,

Please would you add in the Greek language, because there are people out there who read, write and type Greek better than I'll ever be? Thank you.

Paul Christoforos

Anton (unregistered visitor)

Can you translate into spanish (spain)?

Sanne - Site moderator

We are interested in making the site as widely available as possible, so Spanish is definitely on our 'we want this too' list! We're working with limited capacity for how many languages we can translate at once, and we rely a lot of volunteer translations, so we can't make any promises on how soon other languages are available.

If you're interested in helping us translate the site to Spanish in the future, feel free to sign up for a free account and discuss it with us on this topic: https://line-of-action.com/forums/topic/working-on-translating-the-site

Kim - Site admin

We actually have a volunteer who just finished a Spanish pass! However, they are not a native speaker, and are really wanting us to get some native speakers to look at it before we release it. So we are definitely looking for volunteers for that language!

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