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News & announcements: Site change-over scheduled

This is so exciting!! We are indeed going ahead with switching over to the new site THIS FRIDAY, September 7th. This is not a once-and-done upgrade. There will continue to be major improvements and features added to the site at a rapid pace for the rest of the month after this change-over. However, the rebuild is now in a state where it is safe to welcome users, and we'd like to let you enjoy all... Continue reading

News & announcements: Site rebuild progress report #4

This last week progress was significantly slowed by an outbreak of bronchitis, but we still finished up some important features in between all the coughing: Achievement badges! There are about 35 achievements right now, and I'm sure we'll add more in the future. They range from community achievements, such as giving a certain number of helpful or encouraging critiques, to practice achievements... Continue reading