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News & announcements: New animal photos: forest wildlife

I'm back, and planning some BIG changes to Line of Action this summer! Please join our new mailing list to stay up to date as new features are announced. For now, we have a selection of new forest wildlife photos to whet your appetite. Here's a sampling of the new images:  ... Continue reading

News & announcements: Patch released to address black screen bug

For those using Internet Explorer, especially older versions, there's been a bug in the new version of the tools that can cause the photos to not display correctly, instead persistently showing a black screen. We just released a patch meant to address this issue for Internet Explorer. You may need to clear your cache and refresh your browser in order to get the fix. A second patch that will remove... Continue reading

News & announcements: New year's drawing resolutions

Just in case you missed it a few weeks ago, here's our recommendations for new year's drawing resolutions: We're coming up on a new year, and you may be thinking about writing some new year's resolutions for yourself. This is a perfect time to set some goals for furthering your artistic practice as well. Remember, the best goals are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. Check out this... Continue reading