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    Ohh I love your shadows. Very cool use with the gestures. I do agree with the heads being too small, though. Proko actually has a number of videos addressing proportion and specifically using heads to measure. The upper torso is about two heads tall, if that helps. The pelvis is roughly the size of one head. The average human body is between six and eight heads tall; females usually more around 6-7 heads and men 7-8 heads.


    Thank you. I did as you said today and did 3-5 minute pieces. The top three are 3 minutes, the bottom 2 are 5 minutes. I think you're dead on, as usual, lol. I feel like I had more time to think about how the body is working with itself to keep the poses and balance. I still have a lot of work, but I think you have helped me along the right path.


    Took a smaller step forward today. 30-60 seconds each, focusing on thinking about how force affects the pose, as well as keeping proportions in mind.


    I hope you don't mind but I'm saving those, it's super helpful. I've also been going through your own work for more help. I'm just super honored and I promise that I am absolutely working off of any advice you've given thus far. I never really thought about the importance of force all the different kinds when it comes to depicting things in art.


    Aw, thank you. I'm just really happy that someone as skilled as you is critiquing my stuff, I feel really privileged. Lol.

    Here's day 4. I mostly did 30 and 60 second intervals, though I tried a couple five minute ones. I feel I'm getting better. I caught myself midway with the hanging lady and realized her legs were too long, which is usually something I don't notice until way later. I finished it anyway though and took it simply as a lesson learned, and paid closer attention with the next few on having more accurate proportions. The five minutes actually seem to set me back, I feel like. As if I have too much time, and I start working to clean up, but in the process I loose my action (C, S) curves. I'd like some advice on how to avoid this, if possible!


    I wish I could be useful and give critique, but your skill is beyond me. I do want to say thank you though, for your excellent advice toward people like myself who struggle, and your dedication in your own art. It really shows.


    Day 3 of practice. I am taking the critique I've gotten so far and really focusing on my C and S curves, and using less detail. These are 30 second sketches, aside from two noted otherwise. The short intervals helps a lot.


    Oh wow, that's amazing. I love you! Lol. Thank you, especially for taking the time to make a visual critique. That helps SO much and I am incredibly appreciative! I will try to keep your remarks in mind with today's practice. I need to break my brain of focusing on details.


    Day two on here. I'm really trying to combat stiffness in my poses to make it feel more whole and lifelike. I had the hardest time with the really muscular guy. I felt like his pose itself was so rigid that I didn't have a lot I could do with it. I'm currently studying muscle anatomy as well, but right now I think I should focus more on action/gesture than perfect anatomy.


    That's a good question, I'm sorry. I didn't really think it over, I suppose. I really want to improve on depicting the human form as what it is; an organic, fluid and dynamic thing. I want to be able to say, "I want to draw a person scooping up a jug of water from a river" and be able to visualize how that should look and how to put the body together. A good sense of both anatomy and believable mobility/gravity. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for taking your time with me!


    This is my first submitted piece. About 1 minute on each figure. I'm struggling a lot trying to keep it simple and just follow curves, but I do think I've improved a lot. I would very much appreciate hearing what I need to work/focus on. Please speak laymens to me, as I'm rather new to this. I apologize for the quality and will be getting a scanner tomorrow.