Loose 30 sec gestures

by Leahh, May 4th 2020 © 2020 Leahh

I wanted to see what would happen if I really loosed up my arm for some 30 second gestures with a brush pen. If you have any tips for loosening up, please share below! Thanks.

Polyvios Animations

Excellent, and yet, exceptional job on your 30 second sketches, leahh. Nonetheless, I've got the most smallest request of all: Why don't you do one more 29 second scrawl, drawn with your shoulder, instead of your wrist, pretty, pretty, pretty please?????????? The reason why is because, so, your lines of action and rhythm will become completely and most totally strongest you'll ever draw. Hope it's extremely and totally, important, essential, and vital into your next studies.

Polyvios Animations


Great work!


Very fluid and artistic, and with a brush pen! haha I've tried and it'll be a cold day in hell before I try that again! 😂


HAHA, I know what you mean! I have to be in the right mood for it myself.