Fast gestures

by Leahh, May 7th 2020 © 2020 Leahh

I don't know if the drawings are any better, but I had fun with 30 and 1 min drawings today. I'm trying to get to the point where I can draw the whole form within 30 sec. Thanks for your advice!


Hey leahh! I like your very fluid poses, especially the 30 second one; because it has something I will point out to you on your other figure. When drawing the the figure keep in mind that you should avoid symmetry, the legs and arms of your 1 minute pose is a good example of this, they all form ovals. You should look up something called opposing curves, it will make your poses even better. Your 30 second leg is a good example of this, one curve leads to the other, guiding the eye along the figure, well done!

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Thank you, I did look up opposing curves and it makes perfect sense. I appreciate your feedback!


With practice you will get it. Look for more info about anatomy so you can add more form to your shapes. Great work.


I think Gesture is the most important part, You should learn it seriously, Try FORCE. Look up Force drawing on youtube, there are free videos to learn what Force is. It is really helpful and you will learn alot. they also have 2 day free trial. Check that out I am sure you will love it,


Thank you! I will check it out.

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Excellently faster sketches indeed, Leahh, however, I've got one very small suggestion: If you haven't already, why don't you go for your first 2 minute sketch of the figure study pose, pretty please?? Why??? Because your body constructions will become far more bolder and gutsier in your next drawing. Dream of that it'll work out for you.

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Oh excelent...I really like the 30s one, it has such a nice flow and overall can stand on its own..while on the 1m one it seems like you had some insecurities whit it. The 30s one is a great capture of the pose, I really like how ellegant this looks....

Why don't you try doing a whole study, I'm really interested how this all reflects on a full study drawing?

Great work, keep it up.. :))