First ever comic strip

by Amilevitt, November 16th 2020 © 2020 Amilevitt

my goal is to become a comic book artist so here is my first ever comic strip!

Polyvios Animations

Excellent work on your comic book-type illustration, amilevitt, that's very great sense of promise, indeed.

If I could give you a sense of recommendation, it would be to, please do 5 more minutes of 30 second poses, in ruff sketches? And you know why??? Because, your comic poses will become remotely cartoony, but expressive. Hope it's been completely and totally pragmatic.

Diana M.

This style is cute! I think the anatomy on the girl could use a bit of work, specifically the bottom half of her body, as well as her arms. I don't think you should tilt the speech bubbles either, most comics keep them straight.

Still, I think you're headed the right direction!