im doing 10 hand drawings everyday: 3rd day

by Cupcake Tofu, December 28th 2020 © 2020 Cupcake Tofu

I wanna challenge myself to do 10 hands everyday for a couple of months. i dont know how many months ill do it for but ill show my progression. i forgot to post my last 2 days but i've drawn 30 so far

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your hand constructions, CupcakeTofu. That's the nicest job I've ever seen. But, I've got one little suggestion. I can feel a lot more rigidity in the hand anatomy forces there. Why don't you please, kindly sketch out 59 minutes of 30-seconds of not just hands, but feet gestures as well? The reason why is because, it'll help you out on becoming the most intuitive in your hand and foot gestures and constructions-not to mention drawing them in longer and larger lines. Hope you've found it the nicest and the most encouraging.

Cupcake Tofu

like gestures for feet and hands? would this help them look less stiff bc i also found saw that in my gesture drawings that they always seem to turn out a bit stiff and not how i want them to

The Mils Edition

Hi Cupcake Tofu,

Your proportions look really good. When you outline the entire contour, your image becomes flat. If you choose a light source, you can pick which lines to darken and which ones to lighten. That simple adjustment would elevate the believability of the drawing.


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