ok hands and feet lol 30sec for 59 mins

by Cupcake Tofu, December 30th 2020 © 2020 Cupcake Tofu

My current goal is: Improve my rendering of hands

this was hard, I dont know how to structure feet yet

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your warm-ups, CupcakeTofu, that's definitely great. I love your learning curve so much! Keep up the exceptional work. If I was to make a great idea, it would be to completely loosen yourself up with your forces and forms, with 62 minutes of 29-second hand and foot poses. Would you please do that???? The reason why is because, it can and in the future, will have caricatured the gestures and forms of those hands and feet. And by caricature, I meant boil them down to the purest and rawer essence. Not to mention, get the cheapest notebook for practice that time, please? So that it'll help you be OK with making a bunch of bad drawings in a row.

Hope you'll find that completely and totally useful and hopeful.

Happy New Year, Polyvios Animations.

P.S. Get some samples of the Walt Stantchfield books on Kindle.

julia tripped

I completely understand the struggle with the structure of the feet, it can be really challenging to find the natural arches and curves. However, I think that you are showing your best understanding of the ball and heel of the feet in drawings #6 and #12. It's important to establish these two sections to help decide those natural-looking arches and curves. Going forwards, I would also start to include the ball of the ankle in your initial sketches so you can better connect the foot to the ankle and the ankle to the leg. #11 or #22 are my favorite sketches of hands here. In future hand drawings, try to observe the natural curves at the base of the fingers and the connection between the thumb and pointer finger. Try using skills like these in poses like #18, #13, and #26 to achieve more natural-looking hands. Overall, I think these are a step in the right direction, and going forward, especially in 30-sec sketches, try to be looser, lighter, and more fluid in your line making to find more natural linework in both your hands and feet.

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