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    I couldn't figure out how to upload photos although i know ive done it before! So I've just put a link to my drive folder with all my practice files, with comenting on, but you can comment here or there, wherever. The first 9 files you'll see are all ones that I haven't gotten critique on yet, as I haven't actually asked for critique from line-of-action ppl in a while lol. Please feel free to critique whichever one you want, i mostly would like critique and advice on how to make my hands more snappy and i guess cartoony? fluid? smooth? im not sure, my goal is to draw hands without a ref that are simple but look like they have weight to them, but im not good with words. And how to make my figures more fluid and energetic. I can do pretty good ones if i redline the "bones" before drawing the figure, but when drawing from a ref that isn't right next to my drawing, or without a ref, i cant seem to get that same energy and confidence in my lines. They end up looking stiff and boney. I'd love to know if there are any good practicing techniques that have worked for you.

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