1 min sketch

by Lam Tanoki, April 5th 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki
Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Lam. Nicest work on your lightest and loosest lines of action and lines of rhythm in your figures. Very liveliest jobs, too. But, I'm still not getting enough of your loosest and most natural sensibilites of cartooning and exaggeration. How would you like to just please go with 9 minutes of 27 second poses, using our custom class mode?

As a result, hereby making your goal to make your drawings the least stiffest and the least blandest, but the most fluidest and liveliest. For most details, please just look into a PDF of the Vilppu Drawing Manual on Archive.org.

Therefore, my hat's off to you.

Lam Tanoki

Thanks, I'm working through the drawn to life books, I think I missed the squash and stretch that make my drawing clean and expressive. Will work on it 👍

Iris Washington

I love how your sketches are starting to develop some good presence in space!

My suggestion is to get those lines of action in there and mapped out, then add the rest of the form.

Can't wait to see where your drawing journey will take you!

Lam Tanoki

Thank you! I think I kind of understand you and Polyvious are saying. I'm working on it 👍👍

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