1 min sketch

by Lam Tanoki, April 19th 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki

Try underhanded position + focus more in line of action

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Lam. Greater job on your broader diversity of poses in terms of your more looser lines of rhythm, yet there's not enough satire in your lines. How would you like to really more so liven up your graphic lines of action with 19 more minutes of 30 second figure poses of all types and turnarounds?

The reason is as a result, you must and got to go for more looser and more than expressive lines of rhythm in your poses.

Thank you.

Lam Tanoki

I'm seeing it now. They just not expressive enough. The emotion + movement are lacking. I'm just copy what I see, I haven't put in the emotion + movement yet. Will work on it later. Thanks Polyvious. It's gonna need a lot of work lol 😂

Aunt Herbert

OK, "try underhanded position" explains a bit of shaky lines. Don't be discouraged, it feels really weird at first, and I am still switching back to holding the pen "writing style" way to often and easily.

I think the way you break down the figures into shapes makes sense, your lines will start to look prettier with a bit of experience and confidence, both with the different grip, and with the overall task.

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Lam Tanoki

Thanks Aunt Herbert! Yeah, it's going to take sometime to get better. I'm happy with what I got so far and excited to draw more 🤩

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