1 min gesture

by Lam Tanoki, April 9th 2024 © 2024 Lam Tanoki

Thank you, guys. I think I'm on the right track. Shout out to Polyvious, Iris Washington and everyone who has been giving me feed backs on my drawing.

Aunt Herbert

Looks good, but DRAW BIGGER. You will need the ability to draw from your wrist, elbow and shoulders at some time soon, and unless you practice it, you won't have it.

Lam Tanoki

Thanks Aunt Herbert! I'll keep it in mind. I used 18 x 24 inch newsprint paper so it had enough space to move my wrist around 👍


Hi, lam. I see that your drawings are well formatted on the page, that tells me you have real understanding of layout and believe me, all artists like me really need that skill ;).

With that being sad... you lose too much attention on the details. In this case you devide your legs and arms as some sort of blocks. That is not how figure study works, each pose has one big line and other derived lines that move in harmony with the big one. Try drawing each arm and leg as one line that connects with the rest of the body. Try it, and if you got problems understanding what i just said, just tell me.

OH, and an other thing: when you find a pose that looks too rigid for you, exagerate one side and the pose will be more dynamic. Figure drawing doen't mean copying a pose down to every lasting details. It is about dynamism, simplification and understanding of negative space.


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