First practice 30 mins

by Abobekebab, January 18th 2019 © 2019 Abobekebab

Your shading on this piece is really evocative! However, there seem to be a bunch of smaller proportion problems with the drawing (arm looks too bent, legs look kind of small, shoulders seem very broad, the far side of the face is wonky, etc.) that look really uncanny when combined with the relatively detailed shading.

Maybe for now you should spend more time on the proportions, and bring the shading back in once you're sure of the forms.


Very good. The anatomy is a bit odd in spots like on the left shoulder and the right arm. They're not very off, but enough it catches the eye. Perhaps focus on poses that let you explore anatomy. There are also some great anatomy for artist books you can get. Taking some time to learn anatomy will dramatically improve your art since you have a firm grasp of shading already.

Good use of shadows. The tangent edge looks great. I always love when people pay attention to the tangent edge. It's very dynamic.


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