two 10 minute figure drawings

by Marri, January 23rd 2019 © 2019 Marri

This is a couple figure drawings I did. The woman had cat help so I'm not entirely happy with her anatomy. Too many lines that don't make visual sense.

I've been out of practice for a while and I'm trying to fix that and regain my former abilities.

Mx. Abi

The figure on the left is very well done and a good use of 10 minutes.
I am well familiar with that model and they have tricky forshortening and challenging angles.
Excellent work on the foreshortening, proportion. I can see where you were out of your comfort zone. But I think that you used your time well and it's just generally good.

The differences I see between the figure on the left and the right are this.
The figure on the left it seems that you were able to see the figure as a whole and map out the proportions appropriatly and then went back and added detail.

The figure on the right it seems that each part of the body was taking one at a time.
The leg we can see was done well.
The torso was done well.
The head was done well.
The arm we can see all of was done well.

But they lack the cohesiveness that the figure on the right has.
The ballet dancer lacks cohesion.

I have a suspicion that the clothing tripped you up. And that is easy to do. There does not seem to be a full grasp of how the hips and legs interact, so the torso and legs are not responding to each other correctly.

My challenge to you is this.
Lay down all the lines of everything that you cannot see under the clothing, or limbs that are hidden. Even if you do not get a complete drawing. You need to learn to map the body. So you can place things correctly under the clothing.

Mx. Abi

What you got really right on the figure on the right is the weight bearing legs.
When a leg bears the majority of the body weight this tends to shove one side of the hips up. And the chest bends in the opposite direction to compensate.

Try drawing just the chest and hips as boxes and really focus on how they react to each other.
The figure on the left I can FEEL the weight. I know where the weight is.

The figure on the right.
Are they mid leap? Are they putting weight on the foot?
Those would both create a different position on the hips.

Also I am guessing which leg is fore and which is aft.

Slow down. 10 minutes isn't always enough time to create a finished drawing so just focus on what can be done in the time that you have.

you have really good skills - and you are moving in the right direction.

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