Day 1

by Travis Hbk, January 24th 2019 © 2019 Travis Hbk

Use longer lines, stop trying to hack the paper to death, use volumes to understand the body, don't shade before understanding volume. Try to give us at least 1 whole figure that is complete. ( ◞・౪・)


Looking good! You add some great curves to things, I still struggle with having my posture drawings being way too stiff unfortunately :’) I know Stuffed already mentioned the kind of short and scratchy lines, and it is really common believe me. A huge part of avoiding this is trying to be confident and comfortable that the line will go where you want it to, all while not going too slow so that the line isn’t shakey.

You’re doing a good job of going fast, but what I would suggest doing is a practice that I always thought was kind of fun, though I know some people disagree.

Try to make the line of action, just one swooping line if you can, and then use one continuous line to draw the rest of the body and anatomy, don’t let your pencil lift off of the paper! It’s okay to go slow and to double back, but as you go along, try to pick up the pace. If your drawings come out kind of skewed, with proportional problems, that’s okay! You’re just trying to improve your lines with this practice. If you want to, try to map out the distances between body parts and their sizes lightly before hand, then use one line. The snake in a basket is another good exercise for lines as well!


Its hard to critique on something that you barely can see, id say delete this post and do another photograph from a 90degre angle, up front from aboth, so we can clearly see your drawing.

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