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by Mx. Abi, January 24th 2019 © 2019 Mx. Abi

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 10 minutes in length.

I really like this model, she is so expressive with her face. And the expression she has in this portrait is one I know well. It reads nuetral at first, but there is a pursing to the lips and a sadness in the eyes. It's subtle and therefore more challenging. I really enjoyed this session.


I like it, however I feel as though some of the cross hatching is making the face flat, especially on the left side of the jaw, the right side of her forehead and right side of her nose. Good way to solve it would be to focus more on the plane changes. Her eyes seem to be placed too far up giving her a too small forehead. If she had more volume to the hair it would solve it imo and the eyes are not symmetrical which is super important to me.

Mx. Abi

I can concur with the flatness in this image.

Regardingthe size of the forehead - this fairly accurate to the model and so are the asymmetrical eyes. I find it more challenging to honor the asymmetry of the model - it is easy to try and make small adjustments to craete a symmetrical and "perfect" figure. I prefer to stay closer to the figure I see.

Perhaps if you make sufficient offerings to Aphrodite you can follow the luck of Pygmallion

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