10 minutes 02 01 19

by Mx. Abi, February 1st 2019 © 2019 Mx. Abi

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 10 minutes in length.
What I find interesting about the ten minute challenge is each line or set of lines you place yo uhvae to look at your reference photo and decide what is needed in your image to take it closer to the reference photo.

and you have to watch your time and use it wisely.

This model is not conventionally attractive and I work hard to draw out the best in them. The big challenge in this reference was that it was just a goofy expression. There is another model with a headband who is extremely expressive and they seem to have more fun with the dynamic expressions. And they are more fun to draw the goofy ones.

This photo almost seemed like an expression mid change - like it was paused while watching a movie.

Unless I have drawn an image previously in the same practice sketchbook I try and keep to a bare minimum the number of times I skip an image because I just don't like it. So I took this one on. I have mixed feelings about the success and I think that is because I had mixed feelings going into the image. So that really shows on the paper.


You have some good lines here.

I guess the main thing bugging me is that the cheek and mouth are kind of streched out to the left, so it looks like some invisible hand is grabbing the corner of the mouth and is pulling it :)

Try sketching using some extra lines to help with the placement of features. There are tons of info on this online.

It's just about getting the features to sit correctly on the skull form.

Keep it up!


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