from practice

by SINE, February 4th 2019 © 2019 SINE

Not bad Sine! I especially like the flow of her right leg :) Nice curves which flow into each other like a stream, which is what you will find is a common thing in the figure.

Try focusing on getting the same flow in the rest of the body. I see you don't use many long smooth sweeping lines. Probably because your eye/hand is uncertain where to go. To help with this try laying down the line of action first. Then draw some faint ellipses to place the head, torso and hips. Then add some nice flowing lines to get the general motion of the arms and legs, before fleshing them in.

I know too well that it is very difficult to not get bogged down in detailing the subtle shapes of hands, arms and legs. It can really stiffen a pose...

Lots of good stuff here to work with though. Keep going!


thx you are apsolutly right about uncertain hand/eye thing.