by Toxin, February 11th 2019 © 2019 Toxin

Still have no idea what I am doing

Slick Rick

Hi Toxin,

Nice, work; looks like you are atempting to pull off a high perspective drawing; try varying the line weight. Thicker darker lines up front; light fade into the background.



So your own statement of not knowing of what you are doing tells me and alot of us that you have the right idea, but perhaps need to concertrate on the small details of the bones of the body and that the muscles and skin cover said body of what ever live thing that you draw....what is your vision is what I ask that you think you see within your mind,,,,,,draw what is there and worry less about your vision once you get the funtementals down of what covers the skeleton of what you draw is what I and alot of us are saying....

Just draw the action line of the spine and take it from there is of great help ....see the book titled...FORCE by Mike Mattessi and his series of books will likely make you see what you want to see within your minds eye as it were.....this should help and I hope to see more of your uploads here on this site...and thanks !!!!!