First sketch

by Chuy, September 17th 2018 © 2018 Chuy

10 minutes digital using Procreate. First of many. Critiques and comments welcome


I'm jealous, do you have a next gen ipad or ipad pro? :3 anyway here's what came to my mind looking over your pose. Hope it helps!


Hi, Chuy!

This is a beautiful lady you drew up in there. I have some suggestions of adjustements you can make. One is working on your knowledge of the structure of the figure, by studying human anatomy or some simplified version of it, like a "mannikin" we see in many "How to Draw" books. I say that because her shoulder of the lifted arm seems too stretched upright, which makes her torso look wrong in proportion to her waist. Second and last, start paying attention to the quality of your line. Try to draw them continuously, without going back and forth, becuase it makes the lines look more like "hairs". Gesture drawing might help you with it. Congratulations on this piece and I hope I might have helped you!




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